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Keynote Discussion

starts Wednesday, May 16th
Welcome to the Keynote Discussion area of the conference.

This discussion will begin on May 16th and will be moderated by Larry Cuban. The discussion will begin by further exploring issues introduced in the keynote address. So please take the time to read the keynote, and then please take part in the discussion.

A note on healthy on-line discussions: Everyone likes to read a lively discussion but many of you need a little encouragement to post. If everyone waits to post, there will be little to read! Multiple perspectives and opinions will certainly enrich the dialogue and all comments are welcome so please do not hesitate to add your thoughts. Come back frequently to see how the dialogue unfolds.

To get the conversation started we recommend that you think about the questions posed at the end of the keynote. They are:

  1. Whose standards should we use in judging our success?
    In your project what are the explicit and implicit standards used by NSF, project participants, and top district officials in judging the success of the innovation? Which ones carry the most weight? Why?

  2. What are the costs and benefits to the project and to the district in negotiating support for sustaining the project?
    There are inevitable tradeoffs in choosing whose standards for judging success, working to gain support from administrators and practitioners elsewhere in the district, and determining tactics to deal with unique local factors.

  3. Which is more important in the quest for sustainability: longevity of the project's vision and goals, or working to have the project survive in any fashion?
    How much change is acceptable in the vision, goals, and work of the project to secure an assured future?