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Poster Hall - Presenters
Marva Bond & Gail Lane
from Mathematics Improvement through Problem Solving

Bob Box
from Mesa Systemic Initiative

Kathryn Chval & Mary Jo Tavormina-Porn
from University of Illinois at Chicago-All Learn Mathematics Project

R. Hugh Comfort
from Hands-on Activity Science Program (HASP)

Reeny D. Davison
from ASSET (Allegheny Schools Science Education and Technology) Inc

Jane Hazen Dessecker
from Science Education Enhancing the Development of Skills (SEEDS)

Peter Dow & David Hartney
from TEAM 2000

Thomas Foley & Eileen Herlihy
from Reaching Every Teacher

Judi Fonzi
from Making Mathematics Reform a Reality in Middle Schools

Linda Gregg
from Mathematics and Science Enhancement (MASE) II

Jerry Kowalczyk & Greg Kniseley
from The KITES Project: Kits In Teaching Elementary Science . . . since 1995

Sarah Lindsey
from Elementary Science Teacher Enhancement Institute

Howard Nadler
from The Science, Mathematics and Related Technology (SMART) Process

Barbara A. Nye
from Metro-Nashville NSF-LSC Elementary Science Project

Carla Oblas
from New England Regional Center for the Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP)

Texas Gail Raymond
from Earth Systems Elementary Science

Dennis Schatz
from STAFF Leadership Project

Nancy Terman & Ruby Durias
from Partnership for Systemic Reform to Improve Mathematics Education

Jacalyn Willis
from Great Ideas in Science

Elaine Woo
from the K-5 Inquiry-Based Science Program, Seattle