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Welcome to the Poster Hall


Have you ever attended a conference where there was a Poster Hall? If you have, you would have browsed through posters that were most probably neatly ordered in rows. A poster that caught your attention may have raised thoughts, comments and questions. It is likely that you then engaged in a conversation with the poster presenter and with other participants at the conference who were at the same poster.

We have tried to simulate this experience virtually. In fact we have added some additional benefits. When you visit a poster you can leave a question or comment for the presenter, or you can answer a comment left by another visitor. You will see a light indicating if the presenter is on-line. However, even if the presenter is not, you can leave a message and they will answer the next time they are on-line. So unlike a traditional poster hall you can visit this one in the morning, day, or night. You can print these posters. You can also read and comment on the questions left by others.

There are twenty posters in this Poster Hall, presented by lead staff from 20 different LSC projects. The projects represented have either just finished their NSF funding or are near the end of their funding cycle. As such they have a great deal to say about what they have learned about sustaining their projects. We are very grateful to each of these presenters.

They have each addressed what they thought sustainability might look like in the best of all possible worlds, what the realities of sustainability were, advice that they have for new projects starting out, or what they might do differently. Finally, they have left some questions that they would like to have answered by the LSC community - you.

So please visit the posters, answer the questions left by presenters and other visitors, ask them some of your own questions, and leave comments. Discussants Chris Dede, Jeanne Century, Dean Fink, and Larry Cuban will also visit posters and leave comments or queries, which you can read as you visit the posters.

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A Flash-based poster hall is also available.

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