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Project Info: Chicago Secondary Mathematics Improvement Project
staff: Philip Wagreich (Principal Investigator)
Anne Horn (Co-Principal Investigator)
Margaret Small (Co-Principal Investigator)
Erick Smith (Evaluator)
Jim Lynn (Lead Staff)
Regeta Slaughter (Lead Staff)
Tony Freedman (Support Staff)
Nancy Sternberg (Support Staff)
Tom McDougal
grant award #: 9619062
funding began: 05-01-1997
funding ends: 08-31-2000
project focus: Math
grade levels: High School
abstract: The Chicago Secondary Mathematics Improvement Project is designed to help Chicago Schools: * implement Chicago's new graduation requirement of three years of high school level mathematics; * provide a quality mathematics education for all students; and * align curriculum and teaching practices with city, state and national goals and assessment practices. The vehicle for attaining these goals is the Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP) - the first of five NSF supported high school comprehensive mathematics curriculum projects to be completed. The project provides a broad professional development program for teachers who work in schools that have elected to implement the IMP curriculum. The project works with 200 teachers in approximately 15 Chicago public high schools over three years to assist schools with IMP implementation. Spring and summer workshops and in-school support during the academic year are essential components of the project. The development of teacher leadership and a plan for providing long-term support beyond the funding period of the grant are also included. The project is grounded in the experience and practice of three years of successful, NSF-supported pilot IMP implementation in Chicago and builds upon on work that began in 1990 as part of the College Preparatory Mathematics Program, a project that with partial NSF support, led to increases in student achievement and persistence in mathematics for African American and Hispanic students in Chicago. Visit our web site: