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Project Info: UIC-ALL Learn Mathematics
staff: David Page (Principal Investigator)
Philip Wagreich (Principal Investigator)
Kathryn Chval (Co-Principal Investigator)
Dibyen Majumdar (Evaluator)
Mary Jo Tavormina-Porn (Lead Staff)
grant award #: 9550061
funding began: 08-01-1995
funding ends: 01-31-2000
project focus: Math
grade levels: Middle School
abstract: The All Learn Mathematics project is a four-year project designed to improve the mathematical understanding and the classroom pedagogy of 600 middle-grade teachers of mathematics in Chicago Public Schools, grades 4-8. The project provides 100 hours of enhancement for each teacher over two years. Teachers work in cadres to build collaborative networks in addition to the specific enhancement. The project assists teachers and administrators in building parental support and a students helping students environment in the school. Strengthening the mathematical competencies of participating is a high priority. An important portion of all the workshops are problem-solving sessions, where teachers are actively involved with exploring, sharing and discussing mathematics. This provides teachers an opportunity to learn more mathematics and develop more accurate beliefs about mathematics. The sessions encourage teacher discourse about all classroom issues -- curriculum content, classroom management, and equity. The curriculum materials the teachers take with them to the classroom include the NSF-supported UIC-Maneuvers with Mathematics project. Teachers receive implementation support through regular, in-school visits by a support staff person and on-line support via the Internet. Follow-up support is also provided to expand the mathematics leadership of principals. Systemic reform will be sustained through an increase in parental and principal participation through Math Nights and Family Math programs. Leadership committees in each school are responsible for continuous improvements in the mathematics program and the training of staff development leaders.