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Project Info: Gilbert Systemic Science Plan
staff: Susan Giesaking (Principal Investigator)
Susan Wyckoff (Co-Principal Investigator)
Pam Tambe (Evaluator)
Kathy Foley (Lead Staff)
Sherlyn Denowh (Lead Staff)
grant award #: 9819467
funding began: 05-15-1999
funding ends: 04-30-2004
project focus: Science
grade levels: Elementary
abstract: The Gilbert Systemic Science Plan is a Local Systemic Change project for Gilbert Unified School District #41 to implement a hands-on, inquiry-based vision of science education that conforms to national and state standards. The reform effort grows out of a comprehensive planning process led by the Gilbert Science Leadership Team, with broad involvement from community advisory panels, district administration, classroom teachers, school principals, and scientists and engineers from corporate and university communities. The project will involve over six hundred teachers from eighteen different schools over the course of the project. The implementation of the science program, Science and Technology for Children (STC), will be spread over three years and the school district is committed to the support of all classroom materials. In addition, science and science education faculty from Arizona State University's departments of biology, chemistry, geology and physics and its College of Education will collaborate with Gilbert lead teachers to design and instruct inservice courses and professional development workshops tailored specifically to the Gilbert K-6 science program.