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Project Info: Partnerships for (Systemic) Reform to Improve Mathematics Education
staff: Julian Weissglass (Principal Investigator)
Martha Allexsaht-Snider (Evaluator)
Nancy O'Rode (Evaluator)
Richard Duarte (Lead Staff)
Michael Hunt (Lead Staff)
Ruby Durias (Lead Staff)
Martha Hernandez (Lead Staff)
Nancy Terman (Lead Staff)
grant award #: 9554135
funding began: 07-01-1996
funding ends: 09-30-2000
project focus: Math
grade levels: Elementary,Middle School
abstract: This is a 4-year Local Systemic Change project to enhance 550 K-8 teachers in 19 schools from the Oxnard Elementary School District in California. The project has six goals: ~teachers gain mathematical content knowledge; ~teachers gain pedagogical knowledge in mathematics; ~teachers gain assessment skills; ~teachers and administrators increase their understanding of equity issues so they can change policies and practice; ~teachers learn how to form partnerships with parents; and ~administrators deepen their understanding of the reform so they support the teachers as they implement these changes. The enhancement is focused on NCTM Standards-based mathematics and instruction. The district will adopt comprehensive Standards-focused instructional materials based on pilot use of materials prior to the adoption. Elementary school teachers receive 22 days (132 hours) of enhancement over the 4 years of the project through summer and academic year workshops. Middle school teachers receive a minimum of 12 days of enhancement. School/family partnerships is also a thrust of this effort with teachers conducting programs with parents in their own schools. Helping teachers improve the understanding of and interest in mathematics of students from underrepresented groups is an important component. Site and district administrators meet in sessions each year of the project to learn what it takes for successful implementation of this project at their sites and across the district.