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Dean Fink
OISE / University of Toronto

Read Dean's Reflections

Dean Fink is an international educational development consultant. He is a former superintendent and principal with the Halton Board of Education in Ontario, Canada. In his career he has taught at all levels of education from primary grades to graduate school. He has been a senior manager at both primary and secondary levels. Dean holds post graduate degrees in both history and educational administration. In the past four years Dean has made presentations or conducted workshops in 27 different countries including, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, Turkey, Mongolia, and the Baltic States. Dean has presented keynote addresses to a number of national and international conferences. Most recently he presented a keynote addresses to the North of England Conference in Manchester, England, the National Conference of New Zealand Principals in Palmerston North, the annual conference of Primary Principals, New South Wales, Australia, and was the 1999 travelling scholar for the Australian Council for Educational Administration.

He has published numerous articles on topics related to school effectiveness, leadership and change in schools, as well as co-authoring Changing Our Schools (Open University Press,1996) with Louise Stoll of the Institute for Education. This book has now been published in five languages. His next book with Louise Stoll and Lorna Earl, It's About Learning and It's About Time will be published in September, 2000 by Falmer Press. Dean's new book is Good Schools/Real Schools; Why school reform doesn't last has just been published by Teachers College Press.

Dean is an associate of the International Centre for Educational Change at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, a fellow of the University of Hull, in the United Kingdom and The Queen's University - Belfast, and a research associate of the Centre for Teacher and School Development at the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. Married with two daughters and two grandsons, Dean lives in Ancaster Ontario.